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What is Omnia Makerspace

Omnia Makerspace is an open hub for creative tech-related development and experimentation in Espoo’s Otaniemi, part of the A Grid community.

Technology-focused workshops, study modules, free experimentation, and hands-on learning are at the core of the operations.

Omnia Makerspace is particularly suitable for Omnia’s learners and staff, A Grid startups, the BusinessEspoo network, and anyone interested in the region’s product development and manufacturing innovation.

In Omnia Makerspace, 3D printers, robotics, a vinyl printer, a laser cutter, construction kits suitable for electronics assembly, as well as, for example, a soldering table and virtual reality devices are available. Additionally, there is a media studio for activities like podcast recording or taking small product photos.

Omnia Makerspace host will guide you in using the equipment. When using the device for the first time, the this guidance is mandatory.

Puolilähikuva Siim Saarista

Makerspace host

Siim Saar

I’m in Omnia Makerspace daily and responsible of its operations.My job is to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and that all guests have the best possible experience.

You can contact me for all matters related to the Makerspace, such as the use of equipment, room reservations and other practical arrangements. I do my best to ensure that Omnia Makerspace is always ready to provide opportunities for creativity and innovation.




Esko Lius

As a Key Expert on Digital Learning and Project Manager at Omnia I work on digital transformation and new pedagogical strategies and practices both in Finland and in international projects.

We launched Omnia Makerspace in 2019. Now we are developing peer collaboration to improve digital skills, especially in technology fields, as well as the evaluation of secondary and tertiary vocational learning in hybrid contexts.

Get in touch with me to explore new frontiers at the intersection of learning, working life, and digitalization. 


Puolilähikuva Esko Liuksesta

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