Machine Tech Pros Celebrate DigiTally’s Big Wins at Wrap-Up Event in Omnia Makerspace

Professionals in machine technology celebrated the results of the DigiTally project at the project’s closing seminar held at Omnia Makerspace on Tuesday, August 29, 2023.

Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Omnia, and Metropolia, as the coordinator, presented the low-threshold learning contents and new hybrid learning environments developed in the project. Omnia Makerspace is one shining example of these flexible learning spaces.

The DigiTally project aimed to improve digital skills in the machine technology sector. At the demo points of the closing seminar, the sub-projects such as ROS development work (Aalto and Helsinki Universities), use of 3D manufacturing methods and CAD (Omnia and Metropolia) were introduced.

The successful execution and strong final sprint of the project received praise from the chairman of the project’s steering group, Janne Nieminen, Production Director of Bluefors.

The project publication will be available for free download on the project website in the coming weeks.

Text: Esko Lius

Photos: Esko Lius and Siim Saar