My Internship experience in Omnia Makerspace

My intership expierence in Omnia Makerspace

Hello, I’m Adrian Linser, a student at a commercial college in Austria. This summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Finland for an internship at Omnia Makerspace. You might be wondering how I ended up there. Well, it all began when one of my teachers visited the Omnia campuses, including Makerspace, last summer. After her trip, she couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the place was and how students should definitely consider doing their internships there.So this year three students and I took the opportunity and we flew up there for our internship.Reflecting on my decision, I’m pleased that I opted for the Makerspace experience. Unlike the others who were primarily engaged in childcare, I had the chance to acquire valuable skills and knowledge, making this internship truly enriching.

Omnia Makerspace is the perfect place to bring your own ideas to life, whether you're an individual or a startup.
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Adrian Linser

Working with 3D Printers

During those three weeks, my main focus was on working with SLA & FDM technology. In the first week, I learned how to use the printers, maintenance, and easily remove print. I also learned about the different types of materials and how the infill pattern affects prints.

When I was assigned the task of creating a small piping system for a V2 Motor, I was confused and i didn’t know what should I do. However, as time passed, things became clearer, and I became more confident in what I needed to do. I also had a project to print a small Ant figurine, but it failed more than five times because some parts were too delicate and broke easily when removing the supports.

Throughout the experience, I primarily used Onshape, Autodesk Inventor Professional, and got a glimpse of Fusion 360. The Omnia Makerspace Team was incredibly friendly and always ready to assist whenever I needed help.

This internship provided me with valuable learning and hands-on experience. I’m truly thankful for this fantastic opportunity, one that I’ll always hold in my memory.

The working environment of the Omnia Makerspace is complex because we have so many different things going on at the same time. Adrian demonstrated what can be achieved in a short period of time. He willingly embraced the challenge of learning something entirely new and excelled at it.
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Siim-Eigo Saar
Omnia Makerspace host