Vinyl printer and cutter

Vinyylin tulostinleikkuri ja lämpöprässi

VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is a compact, professional printer that prints durable graphics for outdoor and indoor use. Its Print&Cut features make it possible to easily produce labels, stickers and thermal transfer films for fabrics(t-shirts).


VersaSTUDIO BN-20 is a compact, professional printer cutter that produces durable graphics for both indoor and outdoor use. Its Print&Cut feature allows easy production of labels, stickers, and heat transfer films. 

Printer can quickly produce multi-color prints for various needs such as garment labeling, store displays, promotions, or signs. The integrated Print&Cut technology enables both printing and shaping the images with just one device. 

For vinyl images to be attached to textiles, Omnia Makerspace has a thermal press. White film is used for textile prints, which can be pressed onto shirts or other textiles of any color. 

The file is prepared in Adobe Illustrator and sent to the printer via VersaWorks software.


  • Perfect for printing heat transfer materials for T-shirts, as well as making stickers, decals, store materials, small posters, and signs
  • Integrated Print&Cut technology enables printing and cutting images with one device
  • Material width: 150 – 515 mm
  • Print width: max 480 mm

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