Laser cutter


The Helix-24 is a high-quality, powerful (60W) and versatile laser cutter, which is perfectly suited to the needs of precise cutting and engraving of various materials.


The key features of the device are fast and accurate shaping and engraving of thin plates. The device can cut e.g. wood, acrylic and textiles. Glass and metal can be engraved/marked. The maximum thickness of the material to be cut depends essentially on the properties of the material. At most, Omnia Makerspace’s 60 W device cuts about 8 mm thick plates.

The works are sent to the laser via Adobe Illustrator (version 2019), so the file must be opened in Illustrator. In cutting, it is important to give the cutting lines the correct cutting properties, and therefore the file must be in vector format:

– AI (Adobe Illustrator)

– EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)

– PDF (Portable Document Format)  

– SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)  

– DWG (AutoCAD Drawing) or DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) 

High-quality .JPEG or .PNG files are used for engraving. 


Watch the video instructions here: