kuva studiosta, jossa kaksi tuolia

Omnia Makerspace studio is suitable for any kind of studio project.
In the studio you can find different cardboard backgrounds, green screen, bluetooth mics, podcast mics, sound mixer, lighboard, led lights and white umbrellas for leds.


Omnia Makerspace Studio is a separate space,  about 30 m2 for photography and videography. Although the Studio and the main space of the Makerspace are only separated by a glass wall, the sound insulation between them is good. 

From studio you will find:

– 3 LED lights and 2 white umbrellas, 

– Four different colored backgrounds (blue, yellow, gray cardboard or white background wall) and a green screen.

– There are tree studio microphones and wireless Røde Wireless Go2 and basic lavalier microphones for recording. 

– Canon EOS R camera. 

In addition, the studio has a lightboard, which makes it possible to make educational videos. As a teleprompter, you can use a large TV screen or an iPad with a teleprompter app. 

Makerspace staff will help you with studio setup, but you must have your own photography and editing skills. Our studio offers you everything you need to create professional and high-quality videos for your own needs. Please always remember to put the studio in order after filming and return things to their proper places. 

PS! Equipment is not borrowed out of the studio!